QUANTUM YEARS (2004 - 2010, University of Southern California)

  • Todd A. Brun
  • Dave Bacon
  • Igor Devetak
  • Aram Harrow
  • Min-Hsiu Hsieh
  • Stephen Jordan
  • Hari Krovi
  • Daniel Lidar
  • Ognyan Oreshkov
  • Shesha Raghunathan
  • Martin Varbanov
  • Mark M. Wilde
DNA YEARS (2001 - 2004, University of Southern California)
  • Leonard M. Adleman (DNA self-assembly, DNA computation)
  • Ravi Braich (Taught me many molecular biology protocols) 
  • Yuriy Brun
  • Nickolas Chelyapov (Taught me lab techniques in molecular biology)
  • Manoj Gopalkrishnan
  • Dustin Dale Reishus
  • Paul Wilhelm Karl Rothemund
WHITTIER COLLEGE YEARS (1997 - 2000, Whittier College Poets!)
  • Tony Barnstone (Taught me how to nurture a poet's heart.)
  • Abi Fattahi (Taught me that one could make room for computers in mathematics.)
  • Stephen Gothold (Made me see the sweat and hard work behind the applause.)
  • Sharad Keny (Taught me that mathematics can only be learned with pencil and paper.)
  • Howard Lukefahr (Taught me that one could do amazing research at a small school.)
  • Jeff Lutgen (Taught me how to critique my own proofs.)
  • Susanne Weil (With whom I discovered that geniuses also exist outside science and mathematics.)